Beryl makes plastics Circular

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Our vision

To contribute to a healthy planet for all species by:

Our Mission

Our mission is circularity. We want to reduce and eliminate plastic waste by enabling producers of plastics to use circular precursors by means of the Beryl Process. This makes plastics economically attractive, reduces the dependency on fossil fuels and reduces CO2 emissions.

Our Goal

1. To convert 1,0 million tons of waste plastics into aromatics by 2030, thus reducing 2,3 mln tons of CO2.!

2. To convert 300.000 tons of waste plastics into 225.000 tons of waxes, herewith reducing another 0.5 mln tons of CO2.

The waste problem

0 Billion
tons plastic waste since 1950
0 %
Plastic is recycled

Plastics: 90% turn into waste

If current production and waste management trends continue, roughly 12 billion ton of plastic waste will be in landfills or in the natural environment by 2050.

We intend to stop this


Commercial | Herman van den Bold

Commercial, relations management, operations    

Technology | Bart de Graaf Ph.D.

Technology development and IP                                           

General | Han Beckmann

Finance, legal, external relations management, operations


To realise our vision of making plastic truly circular, Beryl Circular works in close partnership with a chain of key technology players in: 

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