our partners

Beryl Circular works in cooperations with multiple global partners

Xytel is the World’s Leader in Advanced, Automated Pilot Plants & Process Systems Engineering. We are headquartered in Roebuck, South Carolina, USA but our experience spans the globe. Since 1974, our team has commissioned more than 1,000 pilot plants worldwide. Xytel offers the full EPC-service from conceptual design to detailed engineering and modular construction.

The Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (CPERI), Thessaloniki, Greece, is a non-profit research and technological development (RTD) institution performing applied research in the area of hydrocarbons and providing technical services to the petrochemical industry.


The University of Pannonia is one of the leading universities in Hungary, with strong connections with the industry. The University of Pannonia, Faculty of Engineering, Institute of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering, MOL Department of Hydrocarbon & Coal Processing has a very strong reputation in research of pyrolysis of plastics and household waste.

Euro Support is privately owned company founded in 1987, offering a range of fixed bed catalysts and activated alumina adsorbents and powders and provides toll catalyst manufacturing services and custom-made proprietary catalysts for the petrochemical industry. Euro Support has production sites in Litvinov, Czech Republic (since 2003) and in Uden, Netherlands (since 2010).